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Token Companies

Who? Companies managing various tokens (native token, BTC, ETH), often funded by token offerings (ICO, IEO, STO).
What problem?Account for their token sale. Then, monitor their token activity and link it with exchange activity.
What do we do for them?• Transaction auto-classification• Income statements reports• Gains & Losses reports

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What our clients say

"When you start dealing with multiple wallets, different assets and crypto invoices, it becomes quite quickly a nightmare to manage.

Cryptio has made everything easier. "

Bertrand Ducros

CPA at i-exec

"Having collaborated with numerous crypto firms, I have been losing so much time consolidating cross-wallet and exchanges transactions on Excel, converting them in fiat in a rough way with non consistent databases to finally start doing proper accounting.
Using cryptio to collect my client’s financial data is a must have. "

Julien Mimoun

Co-Founder and CPA at MR Capital

"When you deploy smart contracts, you have to monitor flows and account for transactions fees.
Cryptio helps us be sure not to miss anything."

Damien Ducourty

Co-Founder of B9Lab

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