A back-Arrow pointing toward the words Enterprise in the titleenterpriseoffice  accounting suite for your digital assets

Bridge the gap between the blockchain and your current accounting system.

Table containing three transaction sources available in Cryptio: Coinbase, Binance and Polkadot.

Aggregate all your transactions and assets in one place

  • Real-time, automated retrieval of full transaction history from your wallets, custody, and exchange accounts
  • Automated DeFi tracking, built with the leading protocols teams and their accountants
  • Auto-auditing of transactions ― never miss a transaction

GAAP & IFRS-compliant valuation system

  • Prices sourced directly from exchanges, at the exact time of the transaction
  • Rich and complete transaction information ― exchange, time and more
  • Partnered with the trusted leader ― Kaiko
Written report on a wooden board
Summary of a transaction from Kraken to Gnosis, which contains the date of the transaction, the transaction type and the transaction amount
Labels on key rings
Transactions with labels associated, such as Liquidity, Marketing and Refund

Automated labeling and transaction reconciliation

  • Set rules to automatically assign your transactions to the right account ― staking rewards, payroll expenses and more
  • Identify the counter-parties of your transactions
  • Attach invoices to your transactions, set a payment status and track future payments

Seamless sync with your fiat accounting & ERP system

  • One click integrations with Xero, Quickbooks and more
  • Automatically map your Chart of Accounts with your Cryptio activity
  • Real time integrations to core systems with a light and powerful API
Some accounting partners of Cryptio: Xero, Quickbooks, Mazars...
Money vault
Table containing the amount of each assets owned in a wallet

Visualize and report on your crypto activity

  • Generate asset-roll forward, historical balances and transaction history reports instantly
  • Track intangible impairments on your digital assets and generate IRS & SEC-compliant reports
  • Receive real-time insights from our dashboard into which trades you should make to increase your tax refund (tax loss harvesting)
  • Export a cost basis report and send it to your tax advisor

Expert training and world-class enterprise support

  • Expert-led technical setup and onboarding, with assisted data integration and imports
  • Consulting on chart-of-accounts setup based on your use case
  • Online support and access to our exclusive community of CFOs, accountants, and auditors
Illustration representing customer support
The Cryptio support can be contacted directly from the application using the built-in dialog

Your source of truth in a fragmented digital assets landscape

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