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Construct your auditable subledger with access to a suite of platform integrations.

Custody Solutions
DeFi Protocols
Token Standards
Accounting & ERP Platforms


At Cryptio we run our own infrastructure to access reliable and complete on-chain transaction level data. We've built our own indexers and do not scrape data from public block explorers like Etherscan, which often lack Proof-of-Completeness. Apart from running our own nodes, we also work closely with many protocol foundations to ensure we have the most accurate data coverage. On top of this, we are able to integrate with every single on-chain wallet, and support any tokens on any given blockchain.
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Our team of engineers maintain our exchange integration APIs to the highest standards. At Cryptio, we strive for a complete data coverage of products that are exposed through the API. For example, futures, options and derivatives. We are also able to pull live balances from exchanges and run sanity checks to ensure full completeness and reliability of data.
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Custody Solutions

At Cryptio we understand that the retrieval of reliable transaction history from custodial solutions is key. This is why we have direct API integrations with the custodial platforms. You can seamlessly import your transaction history, vault balances, deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, for self-custody tech providers like Fireblocks, we run the native addresses through our own data infrastructure to ensure completeness and auditability.
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DeFi Protocols

We support all DeFi protocols on the blockchains we support. Automatic labeling and identification for the activity made on over 60,000+ smart contracts including (but not limited to) the following list. Track all your DeFi tokens received from DeFi position in liquidity pools, swaps on DeXs, and lending/borrowing activities using the protocol wallet addresses.

This is not an exhaustive list. We can track activities in over 60,000 smart contracts. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about a specific DeFi protocol.

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Token Standards

At Cryptio, we support over 500,000 tokens across many different blockchains. As token standards develop we aim to increase our support and continue to offer full coverage.
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Accounting & ERP Platforms

As your subledger, Cryptio generates auditable ledger entries which can be synchornized to your accounting system with one click (for native ERPs). The integrations have a high level of flexibility to map to chart of accounts and roll-up ledger entries where needed.
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